Proudest Projects

Proudest Projects

Hero HQ

Living in beautiful, leafy suburbs with access to stunning national parks, Ku-ring-gai residents enjoy a unique lifestyle. However, this beauty comes with significant risks.

Bushfires during the hotter months and storm damage from fallen trees pose potential threats to our local area. This is where the Ku-ring-gai State Emergency Service (SES) and Bush Fire Brigade (BFB) step in, playing vital roles in our community’s safety.

Over the years, Ku-ring-gai has witnessed numerous bushfires, and excessive storm damage. Amid these challenges, the Ku-ring-gai SES and BFB have emerged as local heroes, undertaking arduous clean-up and emergency repairs during storms and keeping our homes safe when fire threatens.

New, larger headquarters were needed for both the SES and BFB. With significant funding from various sources, including the State Government and Ku-ring-gai Council to cover the cost of the buildings the focus turned to how to raise the funds to outfit them.

The Hero HQ campaign was initiated in 2012/2013 by Ku-ring-gai Financial Services Limited aiming to raise $200,000 to fund modern outfitting for both the SES and BFB new headquarters.

KFSL committed to bridging the shortfall, engaging directly with locals and matching community donations dollar-for-dollar, up to $100,000.

The new HQ, completed in 2013, equipped both units with state-of-the-art facilities, enhancing efficiency and response capabilities.

Fast forward to May 25th, 2023, marking a decade since the HQ’s opening. The “Hero HQ” campaign, spearheaded by the Community Bank, remains a testament to community spirit and support for emergency services.

Greg Rappo of the Ku-ring-gai SES commended KFSL’s commitment, emphasising its impact on raising awareness and enhancing public perception of volunteer services.